Past Life Sessions

Have you ever met someone who felt familiar?

There are things that feel natural to you?

Do you want to explore a new side of yourself?

When you receive a past life regression therapy session, I guide you into a relaxed state (not unlike hypnosis) and prompts you to recall memories from your past lives.It’s common to call on higher guidance, whether from your oversoul or a spiritual guide.

Our soul or consciousness lives on thought multiple lifetimes. Memories, traumas from past lives unresolved can still affect us today.

Usually a client comes to me because they have some issue or problem they can’t resolve, whether it’s within a relationship or an internal struggle. We all, live to learn lesson that will make us grow spiritually.

Investigating our memories and working on specific chapters that carry heaviness will release what we had stored in our subconscious, which blocks us from doing what we want in the present, such as phobias, irritations, nervousness, etc.
Many times we do not understand the reasons for so many almost irrational, incomprehensible blockages we see to our logic. We can understand it through spirituality and our previous experiences.

Regular sessions are from 2:00 to 3:00 hours.

If you have a generational pattern in the family then your commitment may need more than 4 sessions. These events may had create family chains you have with your ancestors from generations.

There are some anecdotal reports of children making claims about past lives and saying accurate things about a period of time they should arguably have no knowledge of. Many documentaries, movies and books show many of these cases.