Distance Clearing Sessions

Remote Cleansing Sessions involve many hours of deep energy work including prayers and the help of candles.
The objective is to release the dense energy in the form of people who are in your space, who envy, betray…. From my experience, the family is the one with which we have the most karma and the most need for cleansing, following the people closest to us like coworkers, friends even people you don’t know. It’s a very intense and hard work with amazing results.

Anyone can benefit from this modality and It can take place anytime, anywhere, there is no need to see you in person.

At the end of the 10 days session I will need to have a conversation of around 30 minutes or more to describe the job done and give you all the information.

My goal is to assist you in achieving your highest best potential so You can feel lighter and better.

I will help you to release negative memories, emotional traumas, mental blocks that were deposited in your past.

Your present state of health & balance is the direct result of your past experiences and past lives stored in your soul, chakras or spiritual centers of the body.

-In Clearing your space We will:

  • Cutting cords from other people energy
  • Removal of heaviness
  • Past lives clearings( included past contract that does not serve you in the present)
  • Reactivating the chakras

The Clearing will be for 10 days and even more, always depending of the job.

If you have a generational pattern in the family then your commitment may need more than 4 sessions. These events may had create family chains you have from your ancestors and family generations.

Distance Clearing Sessions may break the state-dependent traumatic memories you have stored in you and many times this will create emotional disturbance in your body.