Distance Clearing Sessions

Distance Clearing Sessions go thought time and space.

Thought-transfer involves an efficient method of information exchange in getting to know a person’s soul and in consequence to be able to heal that person from the inside.

Your subconscious knows the truth, and it will penetrate your consciousness all by itself. You just need a little help.

Anyone can benefit from this modality and It can take place anytime, anywhere, there is no need to see you in person.

At the end of the sessions I will need to have a conversation of around 30 minutes or more.. to describe you the trauma or emotional block I saw and what it was able to clear and release at the present time.

You as Spirit, communicate with images and symbols, the physical body communicates with emotions.I will use these unique languages to explore and heal both; the body and spirit. Many times unresolved issues from our past affect our present life, imagine what it can do to have them from another past life.

You will be more capable of finding your answers and bringing them into your physical body where you can integrate your wisdom into this present life.

People will feel relaxed and peaceful. I will able to access the subconscious computer and re-program it. During the session you may have vivid dreams with images from this life or with memories of other past lives.

My goal is to assist you in achieving your highest best potential and give you confidence about who you are.

I will  help you to release all these negative memories, emotional traumas, mental blocks that were deposited in the past and that you do not need them any more.

Your present state of health & balance is the direct result of your past experiences and past lives stored in your soul, chakras or spiritual centers of the body.

-In CLEARING THE AURA there are some examples that it can be  found and need to be removed:

  • Cutting cords from other people energy
  • Removal of dark beings
  • Past lives cleanings included past contract that does not serve you in the present
  • Scanning your meridians and minor chakras for the energy to flow with normality
  • Reactivating the chakras
  • At the end, sealing the job in the energy body

I offer a complete Distance Clearing Sessions for $410

I will work with you thought 10 days or more.

Notice: The energy will continue to be released for the following 1 1/2month.

If you have a generational pattern in the family then your commitment may need more than 4 sessions. These events may had create family chains you have from your ancestors and family generations.

To be aware: Distance Clearing Sessions may break the state-dependent traumatic memories you have stored in you and many times this will create emotional disturbance in your body.

According to a comparison study reported in American Health Magazine: After 600 sessions of psychoanalysis clients experienced a 38% recovery rate, after 22 sessions of behavioral therapy, clients experienced a 72% recovery rate, but after only 6 sessions of hypnotherapy, clients experienced a 93% recovery rate