Psychic Readings

One hour reading includes a deep Psychic Reading on your health, wealth, relationships etc. If there is time also you will receive energy healing, chakra balancing, communication about past lives or finding your spirit guide.

Angels help me to do psychic readings. Many times angels looks like we do. They have well-built physiques, with an aura very close to their bodies and that shine with a bright white color. They speak slowly, smiling and direct. Angels are helpers of humanity and they are always with us. 

People walk around with so much stuff in their auras that sometimes the aura appears as a storage space full of things! thats the reason why people feel fatigue, hopeless, irritate, without any patience ( you are taking too much staff ) Many of this things we took from others, from places etc. I clear this space by releasing what is not yours and what is blocking you.

I check the Chakras. They are energy centers, the 7 main spiritual centers in the body. The word Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. I see rays coming from the chakras sometimes as big as a donuts going into the organs around them and touching the areas correspondent in the body. When the chakra is clean, the colors of the chakras are sparkly, bright and shimmery, a very nice thing to see.

In some readings, when the client sits down a Past Life comes right away. The Oversoul shows me a past life to help and heal the present one or to give information its needed.

-In clearing the aura we will :

Releasing other people energies from your space

Removing dense vibration

Reactivating the chakras etc.

Elena is being doing For more than 15 years, PSYCHIC READINGS AT KONA STORIES BOOKSTORE

Located at Keahou Shopping Center. Kailua-Kona. Hawaii

Special prices (only at Kona Stories)

Every Friday 3:00 to 6:00